Indoor Timber Repairs

Your timber furniture deserves the best.
Modern Timber  bedroom
Beautifulf indoor timber furniture.
The beauty of indoor timber furniture.
Indoor Timber Repairs

Timber furniture creates an atmosphere of quality in any home. Whether the finish is rustic or a perfect polish, it should keep that quality for many years. Unsightly chips, dents and scratches diminish the quality of your furniture but you don’t have to put up with them any longer. We believe in attention to detail.  When even the smallest chip or scratch occurs, it can detract from the fine craftsmenship of any timber piece.  Nothing is too small for us to repair.  When repairing damage, our aim is to have your timber furniture looking like new again. So if you have any damage on your indoor timber furnishings, give us a call today to see what we could do for you.

One of our skilled Timber Doctors at work.

Timber Doctors use special waxes to repair timber surfaces.  The results are amazing, in fact you'll probably want to watch while we do the repair.  Once a repair is completed, it is very durable. You can use the item straight away.  Our specially designed repair tools ensure there is no mess, no noise, no smells and definately no fuss.  We won't even need to move the furniture, the repairs are done on the spot.

Blending the repair into the grain of the wood.We go to great lengths to make sure every detail is recreated, from the colour of the timber, to the texture and patterns in the grain.  We 

can even recreate the texture of the surface and replicate natural knots and blemishes.Typical repairs for indoor timber include: Chips, scratches, gouges, stains from coffee mugs, indentations and splits in joins.  Call us on 1300 453 284 


Chipped Timber Table before repairChipped Timber Table After repair